B&B Hair products offers 100% virgin hair. Indian , Brazillian , and Peruvian hair can be offered on the site. You can purchase hair by origin, length and texture. All hair is pre washed and conditioned, lice free and 100 % authentic human hair. below is a bit more info on the hair that is sold and how to care for it. Care info will be included with packaging to get longevity and the best results on the hair.

- Virgin Hair: unprocessed hair, free of chemicals, perming, dying, bleaching, etc. Cuticles are intact and single drawn.

-All Virgin hair has natural movement and will have minimal shedding. (a weft sealant can be used to minimize shedding as well).  

Quanities: a ponytail / bundle of hair will be approximately 90-125 g.

-200-300 grams is needed to complete a full head weave

- 300-400 grams is needed to make head full and bouncy

-400-500 grams is needed to to fill a head if you have longer lengths.


  • Brazilian hair is in high demand. Its course and heavy.If you want thick, bouncy hair Brazilian is what you want. This is the choice pick for afro american women.
  • Indian Hair is great if you want straight shiny hair. Its very easy to straighten , but is thick and coarse. Indian hair comes in a darker colors and longer lengths than Brazilian virgin hair.
  • Peruvian hair is coarser and thicker than Brazilian hair. When washed it becomes curly in texture. The hair lays thick so you can use less bundles. Peruvian is a lighter shade than Indian hair.If you like really thick hair this is the best for you. Although Peruvian is the most expensive it is simply because of the availability of the source.
  • Above are the differences in some hair sold, however the idea is to choose what best fits the texture of your hair or your preference.  what texture fits your hair the best.

Hair care products will be coming soon as well so be on the look out for that.

Hair Care Tips:

Do air dry your hair after washing

Do co-wash your hair once every 2-3 weeks

Do use a light leave in conditioner.

Do avoid using styling products if possible.

Do use alcohol free serums or products on the hair. (products with alcohol will strip the hair of moisture and make it dry and brittle.This may also contribute to frizz.

DO NOT! apply any heavy oils. The hair will become heavy and weight the hair down. Oils or heavy moisturizers will restrict movement, make hair matted and tangled.

Do not split wefts or cut wefts. (if needed to cut be sure to use weft sealant)

Do use weft concealer prior to install.

Do not use alot of heat on hair.

Do wear a head wrap at night, do not let hair free flow while sleeping. 

Hope the tips shared will help you get the most of your investment.

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